Chipotle Style Burritos

As promised here is how we do our freezer cooking Chipotle style chicken burritos:

We cook the chicken in a crock pot and season it to our liking with salt,pepper,garlic,chipotle powder, and a little chicken stock. We then put white rice to cook in the rice cooker. once the rice is fully cooked we add lime juice and cilantro. We then grab everything and start assembly.

First a flour tortilla on a sheet of foil

We then add whole pinto beans

Then the cilantro lime rice

we then add the chipotle chicken

Then the shredded mexican blend cheese

we then roll it up like a burrito

then roll it in foil

Then place in a labeled freezer bag for freezing

When we are ready to eat these we unwrap them from the foil and microwave on a plate for 3 minutes!

So simple and easy! They are delicious and we know exactly what was put in them. You can change it up and use different meats and brown rice and black beans instead of pinto. You could also do a vegetarian version ! Happy cooking!