Ohana Japanese/Hawaiian Sushi Bar

We visited Ohana Japanese/Hawaiian Sushi bar this past Thursday. I wanted to write a review because our experience here was amazing. We visited around 5 pm. It wasn’t very busy. The atmosphere is very relaxing and tropical. They have amazing bamboo beaded curtains hanging from the windows with beautifully painted themes on them. Mostly beach themed.

This restaurant has very friendly and fast service considering everything is made to order. Our waiter was knowledgeable and super friendly. My ASD son wasn’t overly stimulated and enjoyed the Hawaiian beachy type theme. It was the perfect time to visit, We also learned it was happy hour from 3pm-6pm.

We ordered a variety of different dishes. We wanted to try the Hawaiian food as well as the sushi. We first ordered an appetizer of Spam Musubi. We didn’t get a picture because my kids devoured this as soon as it arrived.

Then we ordered the Loco Moco a Hawaiian dish consisting of a grilled beef patty with a fried egg served over rice and smothered in gravy. This came with a side of Macaroni salad. This was definitely a comfort food. Delicious!

We the ordered off the Happy hour menu and ordered the crunchy spicy tuna sushi and the crunchy spicy salmon sushi. Both of which were absolutely amazing.

We also decided to order some more sushi. I am not sure what the name was…. But it was exquisite! It was covered and fried in coconut. It was the best sushi I have ever tasted!

On to dessert… Molten chocolate lava cake, Creme brulee, and the most sinfully delicious banana cream pie I have ever laid eyes on. All of the desserts were delicious. However, the banana cream pie was out of this world. Oreo cookie crust, fresh bananas, a layer of this creamy mango looking custard which tasted like banana. It was the best dessert I’ve honestly ever had. My kids have asked to return just for dessert!

Ohana is amazing! Customer service rocks! The atmosphere of the restaurant is unique and really feels like you are on a mini vacation. They also have family friendly Karaoke on Friday nights from 9pm-11:30 pm. This next Saturday, July 29th,2017 is their two year anniversary and they are having a big parking lot party. Shaved ice booth….I’ll definitely be there! All opinions expressed here are my own. I was not paid to write this review.

Check them out! http://www.ohanaeastside.com/